AIANO FLG62 – 6ft double fluorescent light guard

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Wire mesh light guard to suit 6ft twin fluorescent light fitting – for indoor use.

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AIANO FLG62 fluorescent light guard is a robust wire mesh guard designed to fit over many makes of twin 6ft fluorescent light fixture including Thorn PopPack Pro T8 Batten, Cooper Crompton T8 Batten and equivalent models for wall and ceiling mounting (see Additional Information for a more detailed list of compatible products). The AIANO FLG62 fluorescent light guard is powder coated white to provide an attractive and durable finish, making it suitable for indoor use.

These sturdy guards are made from steel weld mesh on a strong round bar frame, and are powder coated white. FLG62 wire mesh guards have welded lugs for fixing to the wall or ceiling. The FLG62 wire mesh light guard will completely enclose your fluorescent lights and provide protection from damage in a wide variety of environments including housing association buildings, schools, sports halls, stations and car parks.

Which guard size? Unlike radiator guards, for light guards there is no strict rule about the clearance required between the light fitting and the guard. For most standard types of light fitting it is recommended that there be clearance of about 30-50mm between the light fitting and the guard. Please see Additional Information for a partial list of compatible products.

Compatibility: AIANO FLG62 fluorescent light guard is designed to fit many popular makes of light fitting, however, it is important to check the dimensions before purchasing a fluorescent light guard.

For outdoor use: please contact us to enquire about galvanised light guards suitable for use outdoors or in exposed and damp conditions.

Diffusers: AIANO fluorescent light guards will fit popular makes of batten fitting with diffusers. However, diffusers vary in design and size and you are advised to check whether a single or double fluorescent light guard is required for your make and size of light fitting. If in doubt please contact us for advice.

For single fluorescent light fittings please see the FLG61.

Aiano offers a full range of fluorescent light guard products from 2ft to 6ft.

Key features:

  • AIANO safety guards are made from 25mm x 25mm mild steel weld mesh on a steel frame with welded lugs.
  • V-Ends: AIANO fluorescent light guards have distinctive V-shaped ends, which are an attractive feature and also mean that, for some light fittings, it is possible to replace the tube without removing the guard.
  • Coating: hybrid epoxy polyester powder coating is recommended for interior situations. For outdoor or exposed situations please see hot-dip galvanised guards.
  • Clearance: there is a natural ‘give’ in the mesh which is perfectly normal. We therefore recommend a clearance of 30-50mm between the light fitting and the guard.
  • Origin: FLG62 fluorescent light cage is manufactured in the UK from British and EU-sourced steel.
  • Cage size: please check the dimensions of your fluorescent light fixture to be sure that the FLG62 is the correct guard.
  • Outdoor use: Contact us to enquire about galvanised wire guards suitable for outdoor use.

Contact us for further advice or guidance on selecting the right guard for your light fixtures.

Additional information

Weight 24.31 kg
Dimensions 194 × 29.5 × 17 cm
Product Type

Fluorescent Light Guard



Guard Manufacturer

Manufactured in the UK by AIANO


Made from 1" x 1" x 12swg (25 x 25 x 2.64mm) steel weld mesh on a 5swg (5.38mm) frame, with 4 welded lugs and powder-coated white after manufacture.


Made from steel produced in the UK and EU.

Short Description

Wire mesh light guard to suit 6ft twin fluorescent light fitting – for indoor use.

Suits Light Fitting

6ft twin fluorescent light fittings including: Thorn PopPack Pro T8 models Crompton Crompack T8 models Tamlite TL270

Depth FLG

152mm (distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the guard)


6 foot (1905mm)


Double (203mm)