Church window guards for St Andrew’s Bradfield

Aiano church window guard installation service

After taking templates of the windows at St Andrew’s and handcrafting the window guards, the last stage of the project entailed fixing the guards in position at the church. Aiano craftsmen installed more than a hundred lancet guards and tracery guards over a number of days.


Aiano invisible fixing

Aiano craftsmen use our own method of window guard installation which we call “invisible fixing” because it is all but invisible from the front of the window. It involves tying the guard to a stainless screw with stainless steel tying wire. With this method, there are no unsightly lugs or clips to detract from the harmony of the window. The fixings are hidden behind the guard and as well as being all but invisible, they are less easy to tamper with.


The Aiano invisible fixings
Three quatrefoil traceries and surrounding infill tracery guards make up this small rose window. The Aiano invisible fixings are…. invisible.
Bird’s-eye view of the church
Sometimes while installing window guards, we are lucky enough to get a bird’s-eye view, or views of the church that most people do not get to see.
The accurate templating of these ornate and complex window shapes takes years of practice and skill to achieve the best results. It is an essential prerequisite to the success of the final step when the window guard installation is completed.
Cusped cinquefoil shaped lancet head
This cusped cinquefoil shaped lancet head reflects the precision and skill of the Aiano church window guard service.
Fixing the guards in position is the last stage
Fixing the guards in position is the last stage, ensuring a perfect fit and finish to the project.
Aiano’s have been hand crafting high-quality, custom-made, window guards to protect the precious windows of churches and other historic buildings for more than 160 years. Aiano hand woven mesh, handcrafted by our craftsmen in our workshop in East London has a beautiful artisan appearance which in our view is particularly in keeping with the glory of church and heritage building architecture.
The window guards are barely discernible
The mark of a good job is when after fixing in place, the window guards are barely discernible.
Aiano hand woven mesh
Aiano hand woven mesh, hand crafted in our London workshop is strong and has a beautiful artisan appearance.
Aiano’s has unparalleled experience in all aspects and methods of making window guards and window guard installation, whether they be made from weld mesh or traditional woven mesh. We are proud to have played our part in conserving this important building and in its regeneration for its new mission as a magnificent teaching and learning space.
C. AIANO & SONS—161 years of excellence

Aiano & Sons, Ltd. has been making wire guards for health & safety and security for more than 150 years. From our London workshop, AIANO makes a wide range of products for tubular heaters, storage, panel and convector heaters, fluorescent light fittings, floodlights, bulkheads, sensors and many more..

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